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bet007足球即时比分 As a one-stop solutions provider for lingerie brand owners, our Group is one of the few lingerie material manufacturers in the world that offer a diversified product portfolio, with a focus on elastic fabric, elastic webbing and lace. Apart from providing high quality materials to lingerie brand owners, our Group actively explores new lines of business by selling elastic fabric and elastic webbing to sportswear brand owners.

Elastic fabric

Elastic fabric

Elastic fabric is a synthetic fabric that stretches and is made from synthetic fibres such as nylon and spandex. By combining different fibre mixtures and using specific knitting methods, our Group’s elastic fabrics can offer different features such as shaping, antibacterial and quick drying. Its elastic fabric products can generally be divided into two categories, including warp knitted and weft knitted. Our Group ranked first in the manufacture of elastic fabrics by sales revenue in 2012.

Designed Production Capacity*: 135.8 million meters


Elastic webbing

elastic webbing

Elastic webbing is generally made from synthetic fibres such as nylon and spandex. Elastic webbing is a main accessory for lingerie production and is commonly used as shoulder straps and waistbands. Our Group’s elastic webbing products can be generally divided into two categories:woven and knitted. Our Group ranked second in the manufacture of elastic webbing by sales revenue in 2012.

Designed Production Capacity*: 1,744.6 million meters


Lace and other products


Our Group began to expand its business into the lace industry in the second half of 2012 to broaden its product portfolio to meet customer demands, and to increase our market share in the global lingerie materials market. As a fabric patterned with open holes, lace is a key material for lingerie. It can be produced in different colours and patterns, and is commonly used for decorative purposes for lingerie. Our Group’s lace products are generally made from synthetic fibres such as nylon and spandex. Our Group is able to produce three types of lace, namely raschel, jacquard and textronic, out of the four types commercially available.

Designed Production Capacity*: 24.6 million meters

bet007足球即时比分 * As of 30 June 2018


In addition, our Group has started expanding into the sportswear materials market by offering elastic fabrics and elastic webbing to sportswear brand owners or sportswear manufacturers for the production of sportswear such as sports bras, cycling, running and yoga outfits and casual apparels.

bet007足球即时比分 Our Group plans to enhance the one-stop solutions by further diversifying its product portfolio and stepping up its research and development capabilities, to further strengthen its competitiveness and customer relationships. One-stop solutions will not only enable us to remain our competitiveness in the industry, but will also enhence our global lingerie market share due to more reliant of our customers for their business.


Quality control of products

Quality control of products

bet007足球即时比分 With the knowledge that reliable delivery of quality products to our customers is critical to our success, our Group has implemented quality control procedures throughout our production process, led by over 300 experts in our quality control team. The stringent quality control enables our Group to produce high-quality products.

Strict quality control measures have been adopted in each stage of the production process. Our Group conducts checks on suppliers from time to time, as well as on-site assessments at the premises of main suppliers. To ensure quality of raw materials purchased, our Group conducts sample tests prior to the confirmation of orders, and upon arrive at the factory. At each stage of the production process, comprehensive tests and analysis of the quality of the semi-finished and finished products are conducted using international standards, to ensure that customers'specifications are adhered to.

Quality control of products

bet007足球即时比分 As a result, our Group’s products enjoy a strong reputation for quality in the lingerie materials industry, in both domestic and overseas markets. Our Group has received ISO9001:2008 certification from SGS United Kingdom Ltd. since June 2011 and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification from Testex since July 2013. Its quality control standards also have been certified by a number of brand owners, which lets our Group conduct in-house quality testing without engaging a third-party laboratory. In addition, its quality control laboratory has been certified by several lingerie brand owners.

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